Start Exploring Your Data With Report Center

New Report Center features now available

For our clients, using TRANSWARE is about more than just monitoring the status of invoices and approving exceptions. TRANSWARE™ is a portal into their data, and a key piece of their freight spend control center.

Since its initial introduction, Report Center has been a really popular feature with our clients because of its intuitive interface, powerful engine, and fast results! Today, we build on that success and introduce the next iteration of Report Center with 2 major updates:

  • Standard Reports are now available

    Standard Reports are predefined reports built to save you time and help get you started exploring your data

  • Introduction of the Advanced Report Builder

    The Advanced Report Builder brings new capabilities to Report Center and empowers you to explore your data at 2 levels with a Summary View and a Detail View in the same report.

About Standard Reports

Standard Reports are a thoughtfully crafted selection of basic reports that we think will address most of your use cases, or will help you kickstart your data exploration for special requests!

Transware Standard Report List

Get started with one of the 14 Standard Reports available now, and customize them based on your unique requirements. Here are some Standard Reports that we think will be most popular:

Report Purpose
Processing Summary Shows all of your invoices that VTM has received, but are unpaid (processing statuses like Processing, Funds Requested, Client Review, etc).
Payment History Get a quick look at payments issued to your carriers with details like Payment Date and Payment Reference.
Funds Request Overview Quickly find key information like the age, count of invoices, and pay amount for open or recently paid Funds Requests.
Shipment Details A collection of the most commonly-requested and used fields in report requests in one place.

All Standard Reports have been built with the Advanced Report Builder and contain Summary and Detail Views in the same report.

About the Advanced Report Builder

The Advanced Report Builder was built to handle more complex reporting requirements and offers some unique features like building 2-page reports with independent field selections (Summary and Detail Views) and the ability to group results on the Summary View. Here are some examples of what we mean:

  • The Summary View is great for zooming out on your data and getting counts and totals grouped by fields like Invoice Status or G/L Account Number.

  • The Detail View is where you can dive deeper and get pro and charge-level detail for the invoices behind the Summary View.

  • In both views, you select the fields, so you have total control and flexibility!
Transware Invoice Status

Start selecting fields for your report by dragging from the Available Fields to the Rows, Columns, Values, or Filters panel. The fields you select to show on the Summary and Detail views will usually be different, but Filters are always applicable for both Summary and Detail views.

The fields you add to the Rows section will appear in on the left-hand side of your report like normal report fields.

Add a field to the Columns section to group results by. Only 1 field can be selected for the Columns section. If you try to add more than 1 field to the Columns section, the previously selected field will be replaced with your new selection.

Add fields to the Values section to show counts and totals for your Rows, grouped by the Column field.

When you are done building your report, run it by clicking the Get Data button.

Here is an example of what you would get back on the Summary view if you built a report with Carrier Code and Carrier Name in the Rows, Invoice Status in the Columns, and Pay Amount and Count of Invoices in the Values:

Transware Invoice Status

When you build your report with the Advanced Report Builder, both Summary and Detail Views get created and are returned for you to view in Report Center. To switch between the views, just select the view you want to see from the dropdown under the report title.


TRANSWARE is VTM’s cloud-based platform where shippers and their carriers can access many thoughtfully integrated solutions including Advanced Analytics, Ad-Hoc Reporting, Rating, Exception Resolution, and Invoice Search.

More Information

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