Solutions for Shippers of All Sizes

Improve your agility with data-driven decisions, powered by Transware.

Since 1995, large and small shippers throughout North America and Europe have trusted VTM to drive their logistics function forward by integrating us into their process. Our Transware platform is an industry leader that empowers shippers to make better business decisions based on real-time invoice, shipment, and accrual data.

  • Real time accruals based on shipping activity

  • Up front savings with invoice pre-audit

  • On demand shipment rating using your real rates

  • Actionable insights with push reporting and dashboards

Transware Audit Overcharge Detected

Automated. Flexible. Intelligent.

VTM’s audit system is designed to capture savings for you.

Invoice pre-audit is a critical part of any shipper’s control system over their spend. Research suggests that many of your freight invoices contain issues that can only be detected with a detailed audit of each shipment. How much are inaccuracies costing you?

Automated, but also human.

Save on more than just low hanging fruit. We pair automation with experts to find every penny.

More than just an audit.

Add flexible business rules to validate anything and seamlessly assign G/L accounts.

Savings. Accruals. Visibility.

VTM’s automated rating system helps find savings and produces accurate accruals quickly.

Do you know how much to accrue for today’s shipments? If not, it’s time to talk to VTM. Our multi-mode rating engine uses your actual rates to enable accurate accruals for your finance team, even including account allocation. We manage matching invoices to your shipments so that you get a clear picture of the current balance at any time in your dashboard.

Get rates on demand with Transware.

Transware puts our powerful rating engine at your fingertips. Get rates and delivery dates from all of your carriers at the same time to ensure you always select the Least Cost Carrier.

Transware Rating Results Screenshot
Transware Client Analytics Sample Screenshot

Real time. On demand. Actionable insights

VTM’s report builder and flexible dashboards put the metrics that matter at your fingertips.

Good business decisions require accurate data. Transware uses data gathered during shipment accrual generation, invoice processing, and other data sources to enable a robust and accurate analytics experience for shippers. No emails to request a report necessary – use Transware to build, save, and schedule reports yourself, but our experts are here if you need us.

Metrics that matter, made simple.

Leverage our catalog of critical metrics and KPIs, or define your own.

Gain control of your spend & data.

If you can measure it, you can track it in Transware, and you can improve it

Get more control over your payments.

Same day invoice processing, pay on your terms.

Get visibility earlier and extend payment terms longer with VTM.

95% of the invoices we process are audited, coded, and ready for payment the same day they are received from the carrier. We apply your carrier-specific payment terms and only request funds once elapsed.

Never overpay for a shipment again. Get VTM’s Transware platform to improve visibility, decrease cycle time, and improve carrier relationships.