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Unlock the Insights to Optimize Your Logistics

Unlock the full potential of your logistics operations with cutting-edge freight analytics, powered by Transware. Our cutting-edge solution transforms your freight management process, offering unparalleled insights that drive efficiency and cost savings. Navigate the complexities of freight management with ease and streamline your operations to propel your business forward. Request a free demo today.


3+ standard dashboards


25+ standard reports

What Are Your KPIs?

Our clients come to us in all stages of their data journey. Our Advanced Analytics solutions are robust enough for power user, yet simple enough for casual users. And the best part – we customize for you.

What best describes you?

Experience a personalized approach

Robust solutions out of the box, personalized to your needs.

Build & save reports in Transware

Leverage any of our 30+ standard reports, or build your own ad-hoc reports in a simple drag and drop interface powered by a robust database of your invoice data, shipment data, carrier data, location data, and much more.

Save your reports in Transware and choose to share with others in your organization.

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Single source of truth for your KPIs

Transware’s robust data model is built using automated data preparation and cleansing, so it is always up to date and refreshed using a consistent process, creating a powerful single source of truth for your transportation data across modes.

Stop second-guessing your data, or questioning what it means. Transware’s transparent data model gives you the confidence you need to make big decisions.

Track metrics & KPIs that matter in dashboards

Leverage our standard dashboards, or expand them with customizations to zero-in on exactly the metrics and KPIs that matter to you, and track them in the format you prefer.

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Ready to make sense of your data?

Stop being frustrated by a lack of data and start discovering new opportunities, making strategic decisions, and achieving better outcomes.

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Our Solutions Solve Real Problems

Accurate Accruals & Cost Visibility

Accurately accruing costs for shipments is one of the biggest challenges for shippers of all sizes. To produce accurate accruals, there are a lot of moving parts but VTM’s expertise and tools can help simplify the process and drive better results.

More Accurate Accruals & Cost Visibility Benefits The Whole Team

Learn about how a national shipper of industrial materials & supplies took advantage of our easy integration process to get accurate shipping costs upfront and make planning easier for all of their teams.

10 minute read

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Least Cost Carrier Insights

Never overpay for a shipment again. Get VTM’s Transware platform to improve visibility, decrease cycle time, and improve carrier relationships.