Optimize Your Logistics with Expert Freight Audit Services

Transware’s freight audit solutions are built to take a deep dive into the details of every invoice.

  • Choose from our portfolio of 15+ standard business rules

  • Unlimited flexibility for your custom business rules

  • Full transparency to invoices in the audit queue

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World Class Freight Audit Solutions

Save 200% – 400% of
Your Freight Processing Fees

Take control of your transportation spend with VTM’s premier freight audit services, powered by our advanced platform Transware. Our comprehensive solutions delve deep into every invoice detail, ensuring accuracy, transparency, and substantial cost reductions. Transware creates real, up-front savings – all powered by a unique combination of automation and expert service.

Say goodbye to overcharges, inaccuracies, and blind spots in your freight invoices. Request your free demo and start optimizing your logistics today.

What is a freight audit?

Invoice pre-audit is a critical part of any shipper’s control system over their spend. Research suggests that many of your freight invoices contain issues that can only be detected with a detailed audit of each shipment.

Invoice pre-audits are the only way to stop overcharges & data inaccuracies before money leaves your bank account. An effective pre-audit is no simple task, but freight audit & payment providers like VTM have developed complex systems & teams of experts that detect issues with your freight invoices.

Here is how VTM saves our client 200-400% of their processing fees:

  • We use an advanced Rating System to check each invoice against your negotiated rates for the lane & the shipment contents, including any accessorials billed.

  • Our teams of experts understand you business, scenarios, documents & products, which helps them find more savings & spot concerning trends to discuss with you.

  • Complex data validations go beyond just checking the billed charges. Our audit also covers validating critical information like B/L Numbers, dates, quantities, locations & many other fields based on your unique business rules.

  • Best in class data normalization ensures we encounter fewer exceptions & have the highest quality analytics.

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Why do you need a freight audit & payment partner?

Logistics is evolving. The role freight audit & payment partners play for modern shippers is evolving too.

Comprehensive Validation

A comprehensive invoice audit is an essential control for modern shippers. Transware’s audit engine is built to look for overcharges, mismatches, date issues, and many other exceptions to find real savings before payment is made to your carriers.

Real Savings > Big Promises

Many freight audit & payment providers are making big promises about savings. But, do they back those promises up with a clear & easy way to hold them accountable? Transware’s Audit Value Realization Scorecard is a simple, transparent, way to track your net hard-dollar savings & the return on your investment.

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Dynamic Exception Resolution

Not all invoices are going to pass your business rules. When exceptions occur, long delays in resolution can lead to big payment delays for your carriers. Transware’s Exception Dashboard makes reviewing, resolving, and approving invoices simple.

Exception Dashboard Workflow Comments

Global Payments

VTM has a global network of banking relationships that enable carrier payments in all of the major global currencies to maximize your cash flow.

Offering a variety of payment methods, VTM settles payments on our own check stock, ACH, your check stock, or a payment file returned to you for final payment delivery.

Streamline your payments

Your carriers want timely, consistent, and correct payments. VTM’s global payment services offer finance teams clear visibility into cash demands and flexible payment terms to age carrier invoices before requesting funds.

Improve relationships

Reduce your overhead with VTM’s experienced and professional carrier helpdesk. We partner with your carriers to educate and inform them about the payment process.

Ready to start saving on your freight spend?

Put Transware to work validating your invoices against custom business rules and watch the savings add up.

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Our Solutions Solve Real Problems

Accurate Accruals & Cost Visibility

Accurately accruing costs for shipments is one of the biggest challenges for shippers of all sizes. To produce accurate accruals, there are a lot of moving parts but VTM’s expertise and tools can help simplify the process and drive better results.

More Accurate Accruals & Cost Visibility Benefits The Whole Team

Learn about how a national shipper of industrial materials & supplies took advantage of our easy integration process to get accurate shipping costs upfront and make planning easier for all of their teams.

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