Global Freight Payment Solutions

Don’t let billing complexities slow down your business. Streamline your operations with VTM’s freight payment services and focus on what you do best – growing your business.

  • Payments delivered on your terms

  • Professional & responsive carrier helpdesk
  • Solutions for accruals & spend forecasting

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Streamline Your Freight Payment Process

In the fast-paced world of logistics and supply chain management, efficiently managing freight payments can be a complex challenge. VTM understands this challenge and offers an innovative solution that revolutionizes how businesses handle their freight billing and payments. With our cutting-edge freight payment solutions, we empower shippers to streamline their operations, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and significant cost savings. Request your free demo today.

Why do you need a freight payment partner?

Logistics is evolving. The role freight audit & payment partners play for modern shippers is evolving too.

How VTM Transforms Your Freight Payment Process

Global Payments

VTM has a global network of banking relationships that enable carrier payments in all of the major global currencies to maximize your cash flow.

Offering a variety of payment methods, VTM settles payments on our own check stock, ACH, your check stock, or a payment file returned to you for final payment delivery.

Streamline your payments

Your carriers want timely, consistent, and correct payments. VTM’s global payment services offer finance teams clear visibility into cash demands and flexible payment terms to age carrier invoices before requesting funds.

Improve relationships

Reduce your overhead with VTM’s experienced and professional carrier helpdesk. We partner with your carriers to educate and inform them about the payment process.

Ready to Optimize Your Freight Payments?

Take the first step towards optimizing your freight payment process with VTM. Our team is dedicated to helping shippers overcome the complexities of freight payments and invoicing. Experience the difference with Transware by VTM and unlock unparalleled efficiency and savings in your freight operations. Request your free demo today.

Connect with VTM today to get a free demo and to get started.

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Our Solutions Solve Real Problems

Accurate Accruals & Cost Visibility

Accurately accruing costs for shipments is one of the biggest challenges for shippers of all sizes. To produce accurate accruals, there are a lot of moving parts but VTM’s expertise and tools can help simplify the process and drive better results.

More Accurate Accruals & Cost Visibility Benefits The Whole Team

Learn about how a national shipper of industrial materials & supplies took advantage of our easy integration process to get accurate shipping costs upfront and make planning easier for all of their teams.

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Quick & Easy Onboarding
Analytics Deep Dive
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Least Cost Carrier Insights

Never overpay for a shipment again. Get VTM’s Transware platform to improve visibility, decrease cycle time, and improve carrier relationships.