Virtual Transportation Management (VTM) was established in 1995. The principals of VTM were all former Chase Manhattan Bank Executives. They were principals in the management purchase of Chase Trans Info and gained experience as managing owners of CTI Logistics. CTI was the largest freight payment provider in the industry before being sold to National City Corp. in 1994.

VTM was created with the belief there was an opportunity to serve customers who required both superior service and a level of customization that was severely lacking across the industry. In short, freight payment had become a commodity instead of a service. Shippers were looking to escape the "cookie cutter" approach so prevalent in the market place.

Today, VTM remains committed to providing our customers superior freight bill audit and payment services, along with the finest logistics information management tools. We believe that keeping our system on the cutting-edge is not enough, it is just one piece of the puzzle.

Great technology is only effective when combined with accurate data, a strong consultative approach and effective solutions based on our customer’s needs and expectations.

The real commodity in freight payment is knowledgeable customer service and support

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