Post Audit

“You may be forfeiting bottom line profits”

VTM post audits all transportation modes including truck, rail, air, and ocean and encompasses intermodal and international shipments (import/export).

Each invoice is reviewed against your negotiated contracts with the correct application of tariffs, discounts, accessorial charges, and other price-related issues. When a discrepancy is discovered, we will file an overcharge claim with your carrier and also manage the entire process through to collection.

We have an extensive tariff file, however, in order to thoroughly audit all freight bills sent to us, we request that our clients provide copies of any special rate agreements, discounts, or contracts negotiated with their carriers<


Fees can be per invoice or on a contingency fee basis.

Benefits and Opportunities:

  Recover expense to directly improve your bottom line
  Evaluate the quality of your carrier billing practices
  Ensure compliance with suppliers and 3rd party shipping
  Transportation industry’s best practices

Additional Services

Optional services include data capture and document imaging of invoices.

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