Our rating application is a web-based decision and support tool for online rating and rate shopping using actual carrier rates.

Contract management gives you the ability to accurately record all transportation service provider contracts in a single, central repository and easily access and incorporate updated rates. VTM rating services can be utilized to support “what if” rating scenarios with RFP rates from new carriers to measure potential savings.

Carrier Selection by least cost or any service criteria. The development of a carrier price/performance ranking is key in implementing an effective least-cost carrier selection process. VTM reviews the carrier base by each major traffic lane and a ranking is developed that clearly expresses the order of preference for the carriers in each traffic lane.

Rate studies can be performed on shipments from a particular mode or service type that are re-rated via more cost-effective alternative. Results are measurable and available for input to support critical logistics decision-making.

Bill of Ladings are rated upon receipt and provide the basis for freight accruals.

The impact of Fuel Surcharges and Accessorial charges can be projected, measured, and included as part of Carrier RFP solicitations.

Online Routing Guide We help clients develop comprehensive routing guides to take control of your inbound and outbound distribution. Also enforce your existing routing guides by flagging violators.

Components of the program include:

  Least Cost Carrier Selection
  Rate Shopper
  Carrier service coverage
  Compliance Reporting
  Shipping Location Compliance
  Preferred Carrier Used
  Multiple Order Consolidation
  Out of Zone Parcel Compliance
  Accrual Reporting


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