Rating and Routing

A Global Manufacturer needed a method for accruing freight liability at month-end. Various formulas for estimating unpaid shipping expense had resulted in both over accruing and under accruing freight expense each month.

Without a means for accurately forecasting shipping results, individual divisions and their product lines suffered from delayed profit reporting and complicated pricing decisions.

We helped develop an electronic bill of lading file for both domestic and international locations. Bill of lading data is consolidated and the file is sent to VTM on a daily basis. All carrier modes including LTL, Truckload, parcel, and rail are rated through the system.

VTM provides a weekly accrual by division, and G/L account that allows for accurate budgeting, tracking, and forecasting of monthly results.

The rated Bill of Ladings are used to optimize shipments by reporting on consolidation opportunities.

Routing compliance is also reported and non compliant shipments are re-rated to produce further savings.

Vendors utilize VTM rating and routing access to ensure that least-cost carriers are booked for transportation of inbound shipments.

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