Business Intelligence

VTM has developed a multitude of industry-leading reporting and analytical tools that provide increased visibility, efficiency, and documented savings. Our business intelligence platform includes ad-hoc reporting, dashboards, benchmarking, and modeling that will assist you with effectively managing transportation costs and your supply chain.


Transware® is a state-of-the-art query and analysis tool. Its easy to use click and drag interface combines powerful, web-based ad hoc queries with the ability to create, manage and deliver reports over the web. Transware® is designed to allow our clients to have data and information literally at their fingertips. Flexible ad-hoc reporting, dashboards, and powerful data integration, along with intuitive performance allows clients to export and drill down on charts and other report objects. The ease and flexibility to conduct these queries turns data into usable, real-time information that can be acted on immediately.

Analysis & Reporting via Transware® :

  Graphical dashboard you design
  Drag-and-drop query and report formats
  Powerful, fast, easy to use
  Spreadsheet, PDF or presentation
  Quality output made easy


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