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Without question, visibility and regular reviews of your freight data should be a fundamental element of your decision making process. But, one of the biggest challenges we hear our prospective clients face is the lack of access to consistent, timely, and accurate data. In this success story, we explore how VTM:

  • Approaches understanding unique needs

  • Pairs our standard reporting & analytics tools with customizations

  • Integrates many data sources to create actionable analytics

The Challenge

A well-known, international, shipper of consumer goods asked VTM how they could simplify their analytics and get better visibility into their freight data. Seeking a new partner after an engagement with one of the largest freight audit & payment providers, this shipper knew they needed better visibility into their spend and data, but were not making any progress with their current partner when asking for anything more advanced than a list of payments by carrier.

Further complicating their challenges was an analytics roadmap that called for many data sources to be integrated to produce a single set of metrics and KPIs. Their roadmap also came with a challenging timeline requiring flexibility and multiple iterations to gain alignment across multiple stakeholder groups.

In an increasingly data-driven environment, they were facing several key challenges that better access to their freight data helped address:

  • The need for access to reliable and real-time freight and shipping data

  • The need for visibility into clear trends in spend increases/decreases to spot potential issues

  • The need to embrace data-driven decision making to guide strategic business decisions

  • The need for tools that could articulate the data in a manner that stakeholders at all levels of data literacy could understand

Can you get the data you need when you need it?

As simple as that question may sound, the answer is not always as straight forward as you might expect.

If you rely on an external partner for your data, are they always accessible and responsive to your requests? Are all of the data points you need available, and does your partner have tools that empower you to explore your data in a self-service environment?

And if you rely on an internal team for analytics, are your integration processes complete and efficient? And are your team members at full capacity?


74% of our clients say that they did not have adequate access to the data they needed to make business decisions before moving to VTM’s Transware Platform.

Your data is ready to tell you something. The question is, are you listening?

The Process & Solution

When it comes to analytics, we have found that no two shippers are the same. Virtually every organization has different needs, driven by many different stakeholder groups ranging from logistics to finance, accounting, and executive leadership. Because each group needs different data, metrics, and KPIs, it can be difficult to satisfy everyone at once. However, the VTM approach to delivering analytics includes:

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