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When you make a big decision like changing freight audit and payment providers, the first thing that can (and sometimes does) go wrong is the implementation. We know and understand the risk you and your stakeholders think you are taking, so we have created a number of tools and resources to guide you through the process and give you the confidence you need to feel like you are starting off on the right foot. In this success story, we explore how VTM:

  • Approaches understanding your unique needs

  • Helps you monitor implementation progress and communicate success to your stakeholders

  • Works directly with your carriers to complete the implementation

The Challenge

Recently a national shipper of building materials and supplies approached VTM about a freight audit and payment engagement. The shipper was reeling from a negative experience with one of the largest providers in the industry and had a tight timeline to make a change as their current provider gave them only 6 weeks to offboard from their services. Having experienced a several-month onboarding cycle with that provider, the shipper was concerned that it was simply not enough time to complete a successful transition.

Further complicating the challenge facing their transition, many of the shipper’s key stakeholders, like logistics, finance, and accounting leaders, were new to their roles. With so many new team members, they were concerned that decision making and uncertainty would be major bottlenecks to getting started.

With so much pressure on the timeline, they were concerned an implementation would not be successful and have several lasting impacts:

  • Damaging relationships with key carriers

  • Finding and fighting to correct issues for months

  • Increasing overhead and resources required to get invoices processed and carriers paid

  • Being without key analytics for weeks or months while the implementation was underway

The Process & Solution

One of the best and most unique elements of the VTM Approach is the support you receive from your Dedicated Success Manager at every step of the journey. Even from the first conversations, this client’s Dedicated Success Manager was with them to understand their situation, the constraints they faced, and the goals they had established for themselves. From there, the role shifted into helping them maximize the value of our platform and services.

When engaging with VTM for a Transware demo or just an initial exploratory conversation, you can expect your Dedicated Success Manager to take part in understanding what makes you unique. When you are ready, they explore questions like:

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