Transware Tip: Customize Your Invoice Search Results

Get The Right Data From Transware With Invoice Search Customizations

One of the best parts of VTM’s Transware Platform is the new capabilities and features that make it more powerful for our clients and their carriers. One of these new features is invoice search customization and your ability to change the fields that are returned when you search for invoices using Invoice Search.

Using Invoice Search is simple and it is the best way to find and view invoice information. You can search for a single or multiple invoices using a variety of search types (Pro Number, Tracking Number, B/L Number) and you can refine your results with the filter panel. Results are always up to date and you can easily export the results to Excel.

Invoice search

Customize Your Invoice Search Results

Invoice Search is one of the most popular features on the Transware Platform today. Our clients and their carriers are loving the quick filter buckets for payment status (Paid/Pending/Rejected/etc), and the easy to understand invoice processing statuses. We did our best to select a set of the most popular fields to return with your search. However, we also recognize that sometimes a little flexibility goes a long way, and we are seeing an increasing number of users interested in getting different data from Transware.

By default, the Invoice Search fields include:

  • Client Name
  • Carrier Name
  • Pro Number
  • B/L Number
  • Invoice Status
  • Reduction Description
  • Pay Amount
  • Invoice Date
  • Payment Date
  • Payment Reference

By opening the Additional Actions menu (… icon) and selecting the Add field to view item, a menu will open that allows you to add/remove/reorder the fields that are returned in your search. More than 45 fields are available to choose from, and your changes are persistent – your customizations are saved until you change them again!

Choose from additional fields in these categories:

  • Client-related data

  • Carrier-related data

  • Additional reference numbers

  • G/L account numbers
  • 5 types of dates
  • Origin/destination data
  • Supporting document image links
  • Any custom data elements we collect for you
Tranware invoice search available fields

If you have made a lot of customizations to your results grid, sometimes it is easier to restore the defaults and start over. Clicking the Reset fields button in the Add fields to view menu is the easiest way to revert back the default field selections and order.

Why Is This Important?

This is an important feature for Transware because it is one of the ways we deliver on our commitment to creating a great experience for our clients and their carriers. We believe that empowering our users to find and download exactly the data they need, when they need it in a self-service platform is key to that great experience.

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Transware is VTM’s cloud-based platform where shippers and their carriers can access many thoughtfully integrated solutions including Advanced Analytics, Ad-Hoc Reporting, Rating, Exception Resolution, and Invoice Search.

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