Transware Tip: Invoice Status Guide

Learn more about Transware’s invoice processing statuses

Looking at your Invoice Search results and not sure what an Invoice Status means? Check out this quick guide to Transware’s invoice processing statuses for more details!

Transware Invoice Status

Invoice Processing Statuses

When searching for invoices using Transware‘s Invoice Search feature, you will see the processing status of the invoices in the Invoice Status column. You will also see a list of available Quick Filter buckets for your search results across the top. Quick Filter buckets are groupings of similar statuses that help you quickly filter the list of results to the statuses you want to see.

The Invoice Status column reflects the current processing milestone that the invoice has reached. Unless an invoice is in the PAID or REJECTED status, the status could update frequently as validations are passed or approvals are granted, so check back for updates.

Below is a brief description of the Invoice Status values you might see and a bit more context about what each means:

Invoice StatusDescription
PROCESSINGThe invoice is in our system and being processed. For example, the invoice could be in our audit system being validated.
CLIENT REVIEWThe invoice is currently with our client to review or approve an exception in the Exception Dashboard.
POSTEDThe invoice has passed all validations and has been posted in our system. The invoice will be included in the next applicable funds request in accordance with any aging rules that may be in place. Our legacy term for this is “in suspense”.
FUNDS REQUESTEDThe invoice has been included on a funds request and will be paid on the next payment cycle after we receive funds from the client.
PAIDFunds have been disbursed to the carrier. Note: depending on the client’s payment engagement with VTM, this status may reflect CLIENT PAYMENT or CLIENT PAYMENT PENDING (more on that below).
REJECTEDThe invoice has been rejected and will not be paid. The rejection reason will be displayed in the Reduction Description column, and more information on those reasons can be found here.

Client Payment Statuses

VTM offers our clients the flexibility to leverage our solutions for validating and processing invoices, while also delivering payments on their own. All of the statuses outlined in the section above apply for these clients, except PAID where there are a few differences.

Where VTM does not distribute payments for a client, once an invoice is validated and handed over to the client to deliver payment, the Invoice Status will become CLIENT PAYMENT instead of PAID. Invoices still receive a payment date on Transware, but this is the date we shared the invoice with the client, not the date a payment was issued. Also, the Payment Reference will show 0 instead of a real reference number.

Transware Invoice Status

In some cases, VTM receives payment updates from our clients once they deliver payment. For these clients, invoices show CLIENT PAYMENT PENDING as the status when we hand over the invoice for payment. When we receive an update from them indicating a payment was made, Transware is updated and changes the Invoice Status to PAID. Also, Transware shows the remittance information they share with us, like the actual payment date, and a payment reference number.

In all of these cases, we suggest contacting the client’s payment helpdesk directly for information on outstanding payments.

Quick Filter Buckets

Quick Filter buckets are always included with your Invoice Search results in Transware and help you quickly find exactly the results you are looking for. Built with big searches and many results in various statuses in mind, Quick Filter buckets help you drill into invoices in specific groups of status, like PROCESSING or REJECTED. Next to each bucket will be a count of invoices that are included in that bucket.

Transware Invoice Status

The following Invoice Statuses can be found in each Quick Filter Bucket:

  • All invoices (default selection) – All invoices in your results will be shown in this bucket regardless of Invoice Status.

  • Pending – Invoices that are “pending” payment, like invoices in the POSTED and FUNDS REQUESTED statuses.

  • Paid – Invoices that have been paid, or given to our clients that disburse their own payments. This includes invoices in statuses like PAID, CLIENT PAYMENT, and CLIENT PAYMENT PENDING.

  • Processing – Invoices that have not yet passed the validation process, with statuses like PROCESSING and CLIENT REVIEW.

  • Rejected – Invoices that have been rejected and will not be processed further, statuses like REJECTED.

  • No Results – Shows only invoice numbers Transware does not find a match for. This bucket is only displayed if Transware does not find a match for at least 1 of the invoice numbers you searched for.

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