VTM Releases New TRANSWARE™ Platform


October 7, 2022

Aurora, Illinois – Virtual Transportation Management, Inc. (VTM) is proud to announce the release of its next generation cloud-based platform – TRANSWARE. VTM’s clients and their carriers are invited to begin using the new platform and take advantage of its new features starting today.

Entering our company’s 27th year, Team VTM delivered this new platform leveraging our extensive industry experience and expertise, solidifying VTM’s place as an industry leader. “We have listened for decades to our clients, both large and small, to address their unique needs and requirements. We have combined our problem solving tools with our high level of personal customer services to achieve long lasting relationships.” says Tom Sack, VTM’s President.

Since 1995, VTM has encouraged our clients to challenge us with their unique requirements. Large and small shippers throughout North America and Europe have responded by trusting VTM to drive their logistics function forward by integrating us into their process. “Supply chain logistics is rapidly evolving. Our combination of industry experience and next level technology platform, provides a unique opportunity for our continued growth and expansion.” says Scott Shearon, Vice President of Operations at VTM.


TRANSWAREis VTM’s cloud-based platform where shippers and their carriers can access many thoughtfully integrated solutions including Advanced Analytics, Ad-Hoc Reporting, Rating, Exception Resolution, and Invoice Search. “The TRANSWARE™ platform represents a refresh of the great solutions available in our legacy applications, with a clear focus on user experience“ adds Aaron Grace, Director of Platform Solutions & Analytics at VTM.

“Today’s release of TRANSWARE™ is already packed with a ton of great features, but it still only represents a small fraction of the capabilities we have. We look forward to rolling out and communicating exciting new features for our users on a regular basis” adds Grace.

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About VTM

Virtual Transportation Management, Inc. (VTM) is a global, third-party provider of cloud-based transportation solutions, including pre-audit, payment, accounting, and custom reporting & analytics for all modes. Our clients have been leveraging VTM’s expert service and leading solutions to improve their spend visibility, decrease invoice processing cycle time, and improve their relationships with carriers since 1995.

Never overpay for a shipment again. Get VTM’s TRANSWARE platform to improve visibility, decrease cycle time, and improve carrier relationships.