Looking for Payment Status?

We’ve got several convenient ways to check the status of your invoices.


TRANSWARE is the best way to get invoice status in real time. You can also track rejections and view remittance details.


Status Lookup

No TRANSWARE™ account? No problem!

Use our lookup tool to search via invoice number, invoice date and invoice amount.

Carrier Helpdesk

Connect with our Carrier Support team via our helpdesk for help with TRANSWARE™ access, invoice status/missing invoices, invoice submission methods, and available payment methods.

Check your invoice status

You can use the form below to search for the payment status of your invoice without signing into Transware. To get started, enter your invoice/pro number, invoice amount, and invoice date below. Please note your pro number may have been modified to meet our Pro Number Standards.

Never overpay for a shipment again. Get VTM’s TRANSWARE platform to improve visibility, decrease cycle time, and improve carrier relationships.