VTM Strategy

VTM executives help shippers reduce their costs through a variety of transportation management solutions

Each shipper faces unique challenges in their transportation environment. At VTM it is our philosophy to take these challenges and create the customized approach that is right for you.

We believe our role is to become an extension of your freight payment information technology, transportation and accounting departments.

“We adapt to your needs - We don't force a process on you”

VTM's strength lies in its ability to listen, to understand and to deliver freight payment solutions that address the problems at hand.

This consultative approach saves time and resources, reduces costs and improves freight payment service to our clients.

Maximize both information and productivity

Understanding the reluctance to change service providers, VTM has developed an innovative implementation process. This proactive approach reduces risk and eliminates the headaches associated with change.

Other VTM innovations include onsite customer service and incentive-based payroll to ensure quality and timeliness of processing.

“VTM services connect people with other people and the information they need”

VTM's advanced technologies ensure that you and your business partners are provided with timely and accurate freight payment and shipping data.

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