Why You Need A Freight Audit & Payment Provider

Logistics is evolving. The role freight audit & payment partners play for modern shippers is evolving too. Take a look at the reasons we think you need a freight audit & payment partner.

Why You Need A Freight Audit & Payment Provider

Logistics is evolving. The role freight audit & payment partners play for modern shippers is evolving too. Take a look at the reasons we think you need a freight audit & payment partner.

Savings, Solutions & Relationships You Can Count On

Transportation costs are continuing to rise, leaving many shippers feeling discouraged as they helplessly update their budgets over & over again.

Navigating supply chain headwinds is hard enough, don’t let invoice processing & payment issues damage relationships with your critical carriers. That is why you need a freight audit & payment provider.

The right freight audit & payment provider will bring solutions that capture savings while managing & improving carrier relationships. Let’s take a look at how VTM delivers on savings & helps shippers overcome these challenges!

In a hurry? Here’s the bottom line:

200% – 400%

200% – 400%

of your processing fees saved with VTM

What is a freight audit?

Invoice pre-audit is a critical part of any shipper’s control system over their spend. Research suggests that many of your freight invoices contain issues that can only be detected with a detailed audit of each shipment.

Invoice pre-audits are the only way to stop overcharges & data inaccuracies before money leaves your bank account. An effective pre-audit is no simple task, but freight audit & payment providers like VTM have developed complex systems & teams of experts that detect issues with your freight invoices.

Here is how VTM saves our client 200-400% of their processing fees:

  • We use an advanced Rating System to check each invoice against your negotiated rates for the lane & the shipment contents, including any accessorials billed.

  • Our teams of experts understand your business, scenarios, documents & products, which helps them find more savings & spot concerning trends to discuss with you.

  • Complex data validations go beyond just checking the billed charges. Our audit also covers validating critical information like B/L Numbers, dates, quantities, locations & many other fields based on your unique business rules.

  • Best in class data normalization ensures we encounter fewer exceptions & have the highest quality analytics.

Transware Audit Overcharge Detected

What about payment?

Finding savings & validating data is only half of the battle – your carriers want timely, consistent & correct payments. Take a look at how VTM simplifies paying your carriers too:

The VTM Approach to Audit

Big Savings: Start Saving 200-400% Of Your Processing Fees

We know you have unique shipping scenarios, requirements & processes. Some providers want to fit you into their processes & systems, but that is not VTM’s approach. You need a freight audit & payment provider that can enforce your business rules without sacrificing visibility & extending processing times.

Transware’s audit engine is built to find overcharges, mismatches, date issues & many other exceptions to find real savings before payment is made to your carriers.

If Transware captures it, it can be validated. Leverage our standard portfolio of business rules & add an unlimited number of customizations to make it your own.

Transware shows your invoices from the moment they are available so you stay informed on your invoice inventory. Invoices in the audit queue are available in Report Center so you never have a blind spot.

Save on more than just low hanging fruit. We pair automation with experts to find every penny.

Seamlessly assign G/L account coding at an invoice or charge level with flexible business rules.

Many freight audit & payment providers are making big promises about savings. But, do they back those promises up with a clear & easy way to hold them accountable? Transware’s Audit Value Realization Scorecard is a simple, transparent, way to track your net hard-dollar savings & the return on your investment.

Transware Audit Overcharge Detected

Spend Visibility: Unlock Accruals & Board-Ready Dashboards

In the not-so-distant past, many freight audit & payment providers were missing the opportunity to add value for their clients through data analytics (for some, that is still the case). At VTM, we know our role is to be a gateway into your data, empowering users to explore & take action.

Connect a shipment feed from your system to Transware to unlock accurate accruals quickly using your real carriers & rates. Improve the accuracy of your accruals & cut the time spent preparing them from hours to seconds with our Accrual Dashboard.

Transware Accrual Dashboard

The insights do not stop there! You know what is important, but can you see it in a dashboard that is updated in real time? Reliable & consistent access to key data is a top concern for our prospective clients & our solutions powered by Transware solve that for good. Leverage our standard dashboards, or expand them with customizations to zero-in on exactly the metrics & KPIs that matter to you.

Transware Accrual Dashboard

More than just dashboards, Transware offers a full ad-hoc report builder so you can explore & export your data to Excel quickly. Start with one of our pre-built Standard Reports, or a blank canvas to build a report as unique as you are.

Transware Accrual Dashboard

Dedicated Support: The Attention You Deserve

A dedicated success manager does more than just keep you updated about your implementation. They are your strategic partner for maximizing the value you get with VTM & Transware.

During your implementation, they are:

  • Your main VTM contact for all implementation-related items & communications

  • Understanding your unique requirements & designing solutions with Transware

  • Communicating & monitoring progress to remove obstacles in the way of achieving milestones

And long after the initial implementation, they are with you to understand your business & unique opportunities.

Ready to start saving on your freight spend?

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